How can I benefit from below ground tanks?

Your choice can depend on a lot of things, from the way your house or apartment is placed to whether or not it’s feasible to build rainwater tanks nearby, under the ground or on the roof.

The biggest advantage of below ground tanks is that it does not take up any space on the ground and therefore eliminates all the other risks associated with the above ground tanks.

However, you will most certainly need a strong pump to extract the water, almost always at a vertical angle. Leaks, cracks and rusting are much harder to detect. Any heavy vehicles that move over them could end up causing a dent or some damage.

If the lid is kept open unknowingly for some reason, someone could fall in and this poses a safety hazard. Furthermore, below ground rain water tanks are exposed to the risk of being contaminated. The causes could be groundwater or floodwater. See Water Tanks

It is not only tough to clean and empty them, but there’s the digging or excavation costs to keep in mind too.

Although at first, it may seem like above ground rain water tanks are a far cry from the underground variety, they each have their advantages and disadvantages. The primary thing to focus your attention upon is how your residence is situated. Depending on the availability of space and resources, you can choose the tank type that matches your requirement.


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