Home Loan – How To Apply?

Do not fall in love with your property without looking at its price. Sure there are plenty of beautiful properties out there, but you should consider your limits before making a decision. Make sure you do not borrow money beyond your means of income. You may get a temporary satisfaction of having bought a new home, but later you will end up losing it – along with some of your existing assets. So have a clear idea of how much you can manage. Set yourself a proper limit, discuss it with your financial advisor and then set out to search for your dream home.

Not Having Seasoned Assets

Usually your lender/bank will ask you to show them your assets so that they can see if you can pay your mortgage on a regular basis. Make sure you have seasoned assets. If your assets are not in your account for at least a few months, you may not get your home loan sanctioned. Also, don’t think of transferring the funds through a friend or relative’s account just some time before applying. It is useless as the lender will come to know soon through paper trail.

Strategy building from historic data

Cultivating the historic data one strategy you can generate as more than 50 percent people who has taken their home loans at less than 6 percent always got benefitted later. But who fixed their home loan at more than 6 percent interest rate needed to invest more. See Divorce

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