Holiday Apartments And Motels

For choice of accommodation, most travellers tend to go for holiday apartment which offer comforts similar to those gotten from the home. These comforts and added luxuries include gyms, saunas, pools, kids’ playgrounds and saunas. In situations where the parties involved are a family, this type of accommodation presents an avenue to relax by the pool side or get a massage while the children are engaged in other outdoor recreational activities. Areas like Queensland and Sydney boast of family orientated activities like theme and water parks, ANZ Stadiums, Sydney Showgrounds etc.

Although holiday apartments have been gaining in popularity, this does not take away from the fact that there are hotels and motels out there that can give them a run for their money as they offer closeness to tourist attractions, different options in room size and affordable rates. The motels come in varying sizes such as:

– Standard Room
– Double Room
– Triple Room
– Quad Rooms
– Small Family Rooms
– Large Family Rooms

Any of the options above can be chosen for the family and there would be a rate to suit the budget of the family. In most cases, the small family rooms are two connecting rooms and ensuites which come with one queen bed and two singles which can be suitable for a family of 4. The large family room on the other hand, can contain 6 people with a queen bed and 4 singles that come in two ensuites and connecting. These available options allows for family members to spread out giving the parents and children the space they need.

The presence of hotels, motels and holiday apartments for accommodation are not restricted to the suburbs and coastal regions alone. As a matter of fact, even the rural areas boast of inns and bed & breakfasts for the touring family. In fact Australia offers a large variety of holiday rental apartments to suit holidaymakers from all walks of life. For people operating on a budget the option of motels and holiday apartments can be a tough choice to make as they both have their perks and cons. It is important to note that although the two offer services that are within the range of each other, the rating system of hotels and motels do not apply to holiday apartments. The choice of which one to go for always boils down to affordability and comfort provided not just convenience.

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