Herbal Teas: The Unexpected Cure for Weight Loss

Countless hours spent in the gym seem to amount to nothing? Difficult and unsustainable diets are driving you crazy? Numerous jars with neon colored labels conquered your kitchen? There is a method to this madness.

What is this secret method? Something that’s been with us for thousands of years: herbal teas.

While commercial supplements usually have a single purpose, herbal don’t just benefit weight loss…they also prevent certain cancers and give a helping hand in detoxifying the body.

  1. The powers of Ginseng

Chinese people have been using Ginseng for centuries, in order to enhance energy, stamina and overall wellbeing. The ingredients in Ginseng that is responsible for all the magic are called Adaptogens, which are affecting aggressively the body’s ability to store fat.

The reason why Ginseng tea is so praised is because it attacks weight-loss from 2 directions. Firstly it boosts metabolism and secondly it’s inhibiting the formation of fat cells.

  1. The amazing green tea

What? You thought that green tea is ‘just’ effective in fighting heart disease and cancer? Think again. Green tea also contains a series of very capable antioxidants that stimulate metabolism to increase in speed and that stimulate liver functions to break down fats faster and better.

Want some statistics? Everyday green tea consumption can accelerate fat loss up to 20% within 3 months while at the same time lowering dramatically the risk of heart attack.

Not to mention that it can be simply turned into a refreshing, delicious drink to savor during your day.

  1. Hibiscus Wonder

Probably you’ve never heard about phaseolamin. This is an enzyme found in the Hibiscus flower that carries within itself an unexpected power. Curious? This curious enzyme reduces the production of amylase and as a result fewer carbohydrates will be digested and absorbed into your blood stream, consequence that results into accelerated fat loss.

Still think that your kitchen counters need to look like a pharmacy’s display in order to lose some extra pounds? These amazing best herbal teas won’t miraculously transform you into a fat burning machine, but they could be a nice addition to a disciplined, sustainable diet and a rigorous workout regime.

Maybe this article opened you appetite for a healthier lifestyle choice. Imagine enjoying a delicious natural drink while at the same time benefiting of the awesome effects that herbal teas are offering us for thousands of years.