Helpful Advice When Moving Home With Pets

Moving to your new home can be quite stressful. You need to mind a lot of things – packing your belongings, hiring removalist in Adelaide , etc. When your family moves along with your pets, keep in mind the following:

Organize the Travel Arrangements

Let the airline know well in advance that you are flying with a pet as most airlines have stringent regulations about having pets on board. Confirm beforehand that the airline you have booked with does allow boarders to carry pets with them. Smaller pets can accompany you in the cabin itself in small cages while larger pets will have to be kept in the cargo area. If your pet has to be kept in the cargo section, find out the exact specifications of the cage and inform the captain once on board. Ensure that there is enough food and water in the cage and allow your pet to relieve itself before boarding. If you plan to use a sedative, ask your vet about the best time to administer it for maximum effect.

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Groom your Pet

Grooming your pet is absolutely essential as you never know when you can next take it for grooming in your new place. Moreover, it’s best to travel with a clean animal that has its nails trimmed and hair cut and shampooed properly. Let the groomer know that you would be moving and request for extra brushing so as to keep shedding to a minimum while on the road. Your groomer may also use a special shampoo that would discourage shedding and itching.

Organize Pet Essentials

Essentials such as pet food, medicines, toys and beds must be in a separate packing boxes for easy identification. These should be labelled correctly and kept nearby so that you can keep your pet comfortable and occupied during the journey and immediately after moving in.

Finally, when you arrived to your new home, you should take a rest before unpacking your belongings. Also, you need to do the following:

Covering the Windows

Windows need curtains as soon as you move in. Ideally, it would be best if you have the curtains ready well in advance. Visit your new home at least a month before relocating and select curtains in colours matching the paint on your walls or the general décor. In case you are yet to decide between the latest shades in designer curtains and trendy venetian blinds, at least buy some extra bed sheets to hang in the most essential rooms even if not for all the rooms.

Checking the Neighbourhood

This is essential so that you can settle in as fast as possible. Go through your new neighbourhood and check out the area and the neighbours. You will be more comfortable if you are already aware of how to move about without assistance.

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