Guide To Hire Your Wedding Photographer

With your special day getting closer, I am sure you are eagerly planning to cross off “Photographer” off of your wedding checklist! Well if that is your plan, I’d say you must read this!

You know you have to go intense scouting for the perfect photographer for your wedding. You should ask for referrals and recommendations, and basing on them you can narrow down to a few wedding photographers that you would want to take to the next round.

If you are not the kind to rely upon the traditional wedding photography, it would mean you might be looking for something different and innovative, in which case you are advised to do your own hunting for the wedding photographer. Looking up wedding photography Sydney is the best idea since you might be able to refer to their websites and blogs which contain proof of their work.

Once you have narrowed down your favorite wedding photographers, you can sit with them and ask them the following questions.

How many projects have you done? How many years of experience do you have in the field?

The question will shed a little light into how experienced the photographer is and how busy he is throughout the year. You can determine his level of expertise and ensure he would submit the photographs in due time.

What will be included in your package? How much will it cost and how much will additional hours cost?

Ensure the costs for printing, photo albums and photograph proofs and additional coverage such as engagement and pre-wedding shoots are covered. And if additional hours is going to cost you, it is better to just plan out the hours.

Who will be my photographer? I chose you, will I get someone else? Do you supply back-up photographers in case of an emergency?

If you have chosen a solo photographer depending on the quality of his work, you might want to demand that he be the official photographer of the wedding. Also, if it is a company that you have hired, you will have back-up photographers at an emergency. If it is a solo photographer, ensure he is able to supply more colleagues of his as back-up.

Where have you chosen as the venues? Have you shot there before?

If the shooter has worked at that venue before, he would be familiar with the necessity of lighting and special effects.

When are you hoping to hand us over the finished work?

It is important to know when you will be handed over the finished work.

If your wedding is of a different genre or if it is a destination wedding, these questions might be rather different. Ensure you cover all bases with your wedding photographer before you hire them!