Google Optimization Tips

Google optimization is important because you want that particular search engine to locate your website and create traffic. There are so many websites with the same line of business such as yours and online competition is getting stiffer. The best way for your website to be visited by many internet users as possible is through Google optimisation.

Listed below are some tips from Google as to how you can increase the ranking of your website in the Google search results:


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Provide a map on your website linking it with other relevant sections. Ask your web developer for this. For Google optimization, the contents of the website must be significantly related and include terms or phrase that internet users might be using which could lead to your website. For instance, if your line of business is dog grooming, you must also include terms such as pet grooming or grooming accessories. In that way, Google can recognize the website and increase your ranking.

Do not just use images as Google recognizes texts more than images. For Google optimization, be sure that the HTML codes are error-free; otherwise, Google will have a hard time identifying the website. HTML or hyper text markup language is the basic language of the computer and it is written in codes or tags and enclosed starts and begins with angle brackets.

Technical procedures

It is recommended that you use robots.txt files on your web browser. The files can communicate to the crawlers as to which directories can be accessed by crawlers. For Google optimization, be sure that you will not bock the Googlebot crawler. You can also use the robot.txt analysis tool that is available on Google Webmaster Tools.

You can also test the speed and performance of your website through Page Speed, Web Page Test, among others. Internet users prefer websites that are highly responsive.

For Google optimization, your web server must also support the If-Modified-Since HTTP header. This will let Google know if the content of your website has been changed since the last crawling. Likewise, it will also save on bandwidth and overhead.

Quality control

Avoid using random texts on your website in the hope that these texts will match the keywords and improve ranking. For Google optimization, make the links visible and be absolutely sure that the links are directly correlated to what the internet users are searching for. Always clean your website and make it free from malwares and spam.