Glass Kitchen Splashbacks Versus Other Types of Splashbacks

The concept of interior decorating has changed in the recent times. People now want to achieve an ultra-modern or chic look for their homes. Glass kitchen splashbacks are trendy now and has the caught the fancy of many new home owners. Glass splashbacks  can make your kitchen look stylish and modern.


Glass kitchen splashbacks reflect light and thereby has a wonderful shine. This helps in creating a reflection and in lightening up the entire kitchen. The conventional tile splashbacks do not provide this. If your kitchen does not have enough windows or light coming through them, then glass splashbacks are definitely the right choice for you.

Wide range of colors

When opting for glass kitchen splashbacks, you are exposed to a wide choice of colors. Blacks, lime green, pink, bright reds, purple and blue are some of the colors you can opt. So choose your favorite color and make your kitchen the perfect cooking station.

Easy maintenance

Splashbacks Melbourne are very easy to clean. All that you need is some soap water and a soft scrub. Glass cleaners can also be used to get that extra glean. Kitchen splashbacks have a smooth surface and no joints. This prevents accumulation of grime and mold. Hence glass splashbacks remain clean longer. So opt for glass kitchen splashbacks if you want a hygienic and easy to clean kitchen.


If installed by a professional kitchens Sydney, a glass kitchen splashback will perfectly fit the wall. This means smooth surface, no joints or grouts.

Appropriate paint color in your kitchen can really help accentuate the glass kitchen splashback.