Functions of Funeral Directors

The main function of funeral director is to make sure that everything runs smoothly during a wake. But apart from that, their roles even begin from the moment a person dies. Listed below are the duties of funeral directors and their roles in making sure that the needs of the bereaved families are taken cared of:

1)    They coordinate in the embalming of the body and in the transfer of body from the place of death to the mortuary.

2)    They interview the family members regarding the length of the wake, the kind of ceremony or services that they prefer, and if the body will be cremated.

3)    The funeral directors also take care of discussing with the family members regarding the casket to be used. They also take care of the place where the wake will be held- like the arrangement of flowers, the proper placement of candles, the correct lighting, and so on.

4)    They also take care of the paper works like the pertinent documents required to obtain a death certificate and permit for burials. These details cannot be handled by the bereaved families because of the emotional burden from the death of a loved one.

5)    Funeral directors are also tasked to advise the cemetery regarding the date of the funeral.

6)    They are also present during the wake and oversee that all the needs of the bereaved family and their guests are running

smoothly. Depending on the religion, they coordinate with priests and lay ministers for the services.
7)    If the body of the person is in another town or country, it is also the duty of funeral directors to prepare the documents for the transfer of the body.

The job of a funeral director is not an easy one. Patience and understanding are very important traits needed in order to deal with the families of the bereaved who are going through a very emotional moment. Funeral directors must know how to listen to the family members and avoid making impositions. He becomes a part of the family and he is expected to sort of take the burden from them, especially in cases when death is unexpected. Funeral directors are not only there to guide the family of the bereaved with the wake and funeral services, but most of the time, they also act as counselors to ease the emotional burden of the families and friends of the dead person.