Forklift Safety Tips for Drivers

Forklift drivers are a very important part of any industry. Without them moving the heavy materials wouldn’t be possible. Even minor traffic in the forklift’s surrounding and stability issues can cause great harm to the forklift’s driver. Day to day operations relies on these operators and hence their safety is of utmost importance. You must understand is that the safety of your employees is a responsibility that everybody in the industry shares.

Pre-operational check-up

The forklift must be started only when the driver is comfortably seated in the chair provided. Tire pressures must be within permissible limit. Batteries should be fully charged. Horns and flashing lights should be in working condition. Brakes should not come to a grinding halt but should gradually bring the vehicle to halt while keeping the breaking distance as minimum as possible.

Qualified Operators

Your machines are safe only in hands of qualified operators. Qualified operators don’t just know how to run the forklift but also know how to get out of tricky situations or not to get into one. It’s not as easy as pick and drop. A forklift driver has to be focussed on his job all the time.


Many forklift accidents actually happen due to instability. Calculating the load a forklift can carry is very important and should not be left to chance at any point in time. Achieving high speeds while the forklift is loaded is dangerous. Most instability issues occur when a laden forklift suddenly breaks. Uneven floors too are responsible for a high number of forklift accidents. There should be enough overhead clearance.