Exit Cleaning Tips: How to Get Your Deposit Back


Landlords require their tenants to provide bonds or deposits. This money will be used to cover any damages to the rented property once the tenant decides to end the contract. In order to get the deposit back, all you have to do is make sure that the property is in the same or maybe even better condition as when you rented it.

To make sure that you get most, if not the whole, of the deposit back. Here is a list of the things you need to remember when doing your exit cleaning:

  • Create a checklist.

List all of the things that need cleaning or repairs. Check every nook and cranny of the property as this is what your landlord will do. Inspect all of the drawers, windows, doors, walls, and fixtures. Take note of all the parts and what you need to do with them.

  • Clean the oven.

One of the most overlooked parts of exit cleaning is the oven. Clean it thoroughly as the landlord will probably be expecting you overlooked this part as most tenants do. Make sure that there is no grease or stains left.

  • Fix the fixtures.

Even the smallest damage to fixtures will cost you a lot if you don’t fix them before the landlord does the inspection. During exit cleaning, check for missing screws or broken drawer handles. Make sure that all lights and fans are in good working condition.

There are professional carpet cleaners who can do this part of exit cleaning for you. Exit cleaning Sydney have the necessary equipment and the knowledge to do the task properly.

  • Clean the windows and walls.

Both sides of the windows should be cleaned using a window cleaner. Remove all marks on the wall unless you think doing so will damage the paint. Small marks will cost a lot less than chipped paint.

There are professional exit cleaning services you can hire if you think the property is in bad condition. This will make sure that the property is thoroughly clean so you can get most of your deposit.