Different Types of Event Catering

Catering service does not mean for parties alone. As long as you are serving a group of people while they are gathering for whatever reasons, then that is considered as event catering. There are actually many kinds of event catering services that you can take on if you are planning to open up a business, or you can hire if you are looking for one.

To enlighten you with, here are some of them:

The special event catering – this includes the weddings, receptions, anniversaries, and some other large parties. Most of the time, catering like this involves event planning, decoration, and if the host will allow you, you can hire entertainers as well to maximize your profits. You just see to it that your service will go well because most likely, if the host will like what you did, you will be recommended to their friends’ events as well.

Business catering – included in this kind of catering are business meetings, training sessions, corporate meetings and many other gatherings related to businesses. This kind of catering is actually very much in demand these days; only, competition is stiff as well. In this event, you should show off your expertise because most likely, if they will like your services, you will be rehired every time same event will happen again and there is even a big chance they will hire you even for social gatherings. You just see to it that your foods are really the best as your clients can sometimes be choosy.

Mobile catering – this is a kind of catering service where you don’t need any contract as you will voluntarily move around in a van from place to place during festivities. Example of these mobile caterers is those vendors you will see during special occasions like fiestas most of the time. The good thing about this type of catering is you can start even with a small capital.

Industrial catering – this happens when you will be hired to provide foods in hospital, schools, and some other institutions. The advantage in this kind of catering is most of the time; the duration of one contract is either a year or six months. Therefore, you are sure to have steady income within that time. The only setback with this is the quality of the food since you will be providing for a big number of people.

But if you are just starting, you should not be choosy especially that competition is stiff. You should grab whatever opportunities that will come your way. Take note that in every situation, advantages as well as disadvantages will always be there, it will be up to you how to overcome them. Always remember that opportunities seldom knock twice, so while it is there, grab it and do well on it like it is your last event. Your clients could be your walking advertiser if they will be satisfied with your service. So, go on and don’t let any setback put you down.

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