Dental Veneer 101

Dental Veneers as the name implies, are veneers that are designed to wear over the teeth. In layman’s term, there are specially made covering for teeth. Like any types of veneers, the dental veneers are meant to cover up something like the coloring or tooth damage providing the one who wears it to have excellent whiter looking teeth. There are two kinds of people who are using this, especially tooth covering and these are the people who have teeth with a badly stained problem that even fluoride or bleaching has no effects with it. The second one are those people who found the idea of covering their teeth because of teeth issues. It corrects misalignment of teeth, missing tooth or defects.

The user of veneers is not limited to cosmetic dentistry. It can be the solution for those people who have cracks or chips from their teeth. The covering will repair the damages quickly giving them a nice big smile on their faces. You should be aware that dental veneer must only be brought from dental suppliers and professional dental technicians only. There are two kinds of veneers you should know about and these are the porcelain dental veneer and the composite dental veneer.

The differences between the two are the name they are suggesting. The materials are different from the other. The porcelain creates a realistic and natural tooth appearance because of its translucent properties that mimics the light handling characteristic of the enamel. It is very durable yet the veneers are thin. It can last for 10 to 15 years with good care using oral hygiene and avoids the teeth cover from cracking like chewing hard objects. In case your budget is tight, you can never go wrong with composite veneers. It is very cheap compared with the porcelain. But it can only last for about 4 up to 8 years only, and it may require maintenance. The composite veneer is made from a resin material that is bonded. You can easily determine that the teeth are made artificially because they don’t have the same optical property like the porcelain.

The procedure of dental veneer might take some time to accomplish. The procedure needs X-ray of the teeth along with the upper and lower jaw of the person. During the process, a small amount of enamel will be removed from the person’s tooth surface. Afterward, the enamel will be used in the dental lab creating your veneer. The fitting of the veneer will be evaluated by your dentist or the doctor and then they will allow you get the closer look. You can check the shape, the color and feel the veneer in order to determine if it meets your expectation before bonded to your teeth.

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