A client who is seeking demolition services at his/her commercial or residential site has to act as an active stakeholder. The first responsibility which you will have as a client will be to hire the best, the most ethical and competent structural demolition service provider you can find. The second most important task you will have is to provide adequate and detailed information to all your demolition work partners like designers, CDM specialists, contractors. The efficiency and safety of the deconstruction project will depend to a large degree on how well informed the team is.

Conducting surveys and reports

Some mandatory checks like asbestos presence checks, stability ratio checks, electrical wiring condition check etc have to be conducted according to government norms. Your demolitions service provider will tell you which other geological reports and surveys need to be done prior to the deconstruction process. Once work starts it will be very difficult for the contractor to proceed with these tests.

Arrange for efficient CDM coordinators

CDM coordinators are usually in charge of site management and they are also responsible for ensuring the safety of all people present at the work site. CDM coordinators are supposed to inform the coordinators about their duties, responsibilities and precautionary measures which need to be followed. Make sure that there is an efficient and trained CDM coordinator at your structural demolition site.

Mining demolition

High end demolition services companies also undertake mining demolitions for clients who are in the mining regions. The staffs who work on these projects are particularly trained to bear the pressure and wear all the safety gears before even they start the demolition process. As these mines are located in very remote locations, additional care has to be given to health and safety conditions of the workers.