Creative Promotional products to use for your business

Undoubtedly, online promotional products is a good way to engage your target market and to increase brand awareness. But, with all the businesses that using this strategy, it’s really a challenge to stand out. Given that the market is always looking for the new and tends to recall what is cool, which is why it’s very important to have a “wow factor” in launching your collaterals.

Here are some fresh and creative ideas you can use.

Promotional Products

1. Selfie Stick, Flashdrive, Smartphone Wallet, Stylus Pen, Laptop fan, Small speakers

If your target market is teenagers and young adult who are always on the go, you can give a Promotional Products that they can use alongside with their gadgets.Why? Because they are tech savvy, always online and these are the things they always use.

2. Handy tape measure, Fitness journal Notebook, Yoga Mattress, Fitness bracelets, T-shirts

If your business has something to do with fitness and wellness then you can use Promotional Products that will encourage them to do their daily exercise. With this strategy, they will not only recall your brand, you can also build a strong brand identity in the industry as a committed brand advocating fitness and wellness.

3. Mouse pad, Stress ball, Sticky notes, Acrylic boxes as a card holder, file organizer, spoons, coffee mugs, small cork board

If your audience is the corporate people, keep the Promotional Products simple and something they can use in their daily office life. It can be a customized mouse or a mouse pad so they can always see it. For the stress ball you can also make it glow and the dark and you can insert fun lines in the sticky note like “Woah! I can do this!” You can play in the card holder by making the shape like a hand or like a treasure box. Insert some fun and relatable lines for the mugs as well.

4. Board games, Cute Pencils and erasers

You can also give board games like a small chess board, snake and ladder and even pencils and erasers that has a unique design. This can be a pencil that is also a ballpen at the same time or maybe an eraser that you can use in both ballpens and erasers.

There are lots of ideas for Promotional Items. It doesn’t really need to be that sophisticated and costly. All you need to do is to keep in mind that it should be something useful but creative enough to be remembered.