Common Types of Road Accidents in Australia 


You cannot predict when a road accident will occur though following safety measures will help you reduce the possibility of your involvement in the accident. Most accidents happen when the victims are in the vicinity of their homes. Post the accident; it’s very important to take the help of Compensation Lawyer who can help you file and process the claim. It’s useful to know a little about the commonly occurring motor accidents.

Side collisions

Side collisions are often the cause of serious injury or death. These types of collisions are also known as T bone collision and the side of the vehicle is damaged in the process. This accident happens when the front of a vehicle or the rear of another vehicle causes a great impact. This impact can also happen due to the collision with an inanimate object. There are great chances of damage to the vehicle and the person sitting on the impacted side is usually affected badly.

Collisions by sideswipe 

When two vehicles are in parallel touch, any one of them may swerve dangerously and swipe the other vehicle. Mostly the damage is not very severe as the cars have just swiped each other. There are possibilities of minimum injuries unless one of the drivers has lost control of the vehicle due to the impact of the swerve.

Rolling over of the vehicle 

This is one of the worst kind of vehicle accidents which can occur. A rollover occurs when a vehicle typically flips over on its roof or to its side.

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