Common Plumbing issues with Bathroom Showers


Bathroom is the most used place in the entire house. This is the part that has most number of plumbing issues. Bathroom showers face plumbing problems very often. It is always better to be prepared with common plumbing supplies that cater to the most common plumbing troubles with bathroom showers. For any plumbing issue at hoe, let the emergency plumber Brisbane fix it.

Shower water pressure

A very regular issue with the shower is water pressure. Many a times, the water pressure gets gradually changed and sometimes goes down to just a drizzle. If you face such a problem, then most probably, it’s the shower head that is the culprit. This is caused when small debris and dust choke up the aerator in the shower head.

Also, if you live in an area receiving hard water, there is a high probability that lime deposits are built up inside the shower head which limit the water flow. This problem can be easily solved by thoroughly cleaning the aerator of shower head and threads of the shower pipe.

If the problem isn’t yet solved, you can replace the shower head. You can easily buy a new shower head from plumbing supplies. Remember to seal a new shower head with Teflon tape before using it.

Shower clogs

Shower clogs are caused in the pipe that backs up water into the shower. This is mostly caused due to grout and grime collecting in the water flow path or even due to algal growth. One of the easiest ways to solve this is by using specific clog cleaning chemicals that are easily available in the market. Pour the chemical down the pipe and it will clean away the clog.

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