Comfort and Safety Features to Look for when Buying a Forklift


A Forklift or a forklift truck is a material handling equipment that is used extensively at warehouses, distribution centres and manufacturing plants. It is used for loading, unloading and transporting materials with ease. The first forklift was manufactured in 1967. The trend of using forklifts, however, began in the early twentieth century and it still continues its stint in the manufacturing industry.

There are various kinds of forklift trucks available in the market with diverse functionalities and attachments. Hand pallet truck, rider low lift truck, walkie low lift truck, reach truck, rider stacker, towing tractor and side loader are some of the common types of forklifts.

There are also specialized trucks such as omni-directional trucks and articulated counterbalance trucks. Forklifts are manufactured by many well known automobile companies. You can choose the make and model of the forklift based on your purpose and load requirements.

Safety features

When you look for safety features in forklifts, keep in mind the potential accidents and injuries that usually occur. One of the major causes of injuries is pedestrians being hit by forklifts. Many injuries occur also when forklifts tip over or overturn due to excessive load or improper manoeuvring. There have been numerous cases of workers falling from elevated pallets succumbing to serious injuries. Owing to these reasons, it is essential that forklifts be equipped with standardised safety features.

So rather than suffering from the anxiety of your operations getting stalled by renting a forklift it would be wiser for you to purchase one.