Claiming Monetary Compensation in Personal Injury Cases


When a victim suffers bodily injury or loss of limbs or broken bones or gets killed because of another person’s or employers’ wrongful conduct, recklessness or negligence, the victim or the deceased’s family can file personal injury lawsuits. The legal system of Australia recognises the need for compensating these victims for the injuries/damages they sustained because of no fault of theirs.

As a victim you can claim damages for personal injury and the compensation will be justified under the following conditions:

You may be awarded consequential damages. The accused’s reckless or negligent behaviour is discouraged through the institution of punitive damages. If the violation of a law/laws resulted in the victim’s harm, it will result in automatic restitution.

As a victim, you will be compensated for your legal expenditure. Compensation to the victim is also awarded to allow the victim to return to his job or employment or whatever he/she was doing before the personal injury took place.

The victim is potentially able to recover financial damages if his/her attorney can prove the following three things in a court of law:

The victim was not the negligent person, nor was his conduct negligent or reckless in any manner. He/she wasn’t responsible for getting injured in any way.

The accused person, company or entity was solely responsible for causing the victim’s injury.

Personal injury lawyers Sydney review/prepare your case thoroughly so as to earn the maximum possible financial damages for your injury.