Choosing the Roof Colour for Commercial Office Premises 


Colour is a surprisingly potent weapon when it comes to aiding in temperature control. You should be extra careful while choosing your roof colour if you live in a hot zone. Dark roofing or roofs painted over with a dark colour will act as strong attractors of heat and they have been known to raise the internal temperature by 100 degree F. This is because dark colours transfer a lot more of heat into the building than lighter coloured roofs.

Commercial roof painting professionals will tell you about “cool roofing” which comprises of ultra smooth, glazed white roofing expressly done to lower temperatures to a more comfortable zone. Cool roofing helps the roof to absorb 70% lesser heat as compared to darker roof colours (as used in traditional asphalt shingles).

Blue is an excellent choice as it promotes the feeling of tranquillity and environmental peace. Projecting the colour blue on your roof will help your customers visualise your business as intelligent, professional and intellectual.

Green will project vibes of vibrancy, vigour and youth and it will also exude healing vibes. However if you want to stick to conventional routes opt for solid browns and dark slates which conjure an image of solidity, reliance and stability.

Why to call professionals for roof leak detection?

You might be able to detect the average area to be affected by the leak by DIY methods but only a professional will be able to pinpoint the exact location. Roof repair are critical to the safety of your family and the health of your home so its entirely worth the difference in money you will have to pay to call commercial painting services.

Roof tiles are great alternative as roofing materials.

Make sure to hire a building inspector when you are about to buy a property.