Cd duplication

Duplication is one of the major advances in technological world we are leaving in. It is the process of cloning a pre-recorded audio, video, softwares or even photos data. Compact disks are optical storage media which have a higher storage capacity than the previously used floppy disks. Data is burned from a cd or DVD into another blank recordable CDs and DVDs denoted by letter R i.e. CD-R and DVD-R

As development continued, a lot of data needed storage and frequent reproduction of the same data for sharing among people in working places e.g. offices, in schools among students, and business places. This necessitated innovation of a service that will easily and swiftly clone and reproduce vast copies of the identical data to satisfy the prevailing demands. These were the reasons for the birth of CD duplication Services to address these issues.

Duplicating devices

Automated duplicators: These are efficient hand free devices capable of duplicating large volume of CDs at a go. They are highly recommended for mass production services.

Manual duplicators: Tower automated duplicators are capable of operating without a computer

Process of duplication

This is a process similar to computer burning however burning handles on disk at a time whereas duplication can have vast output depending on the duplicating device capabilities. Master disc is fade into the computer or automated duplicating device. The duplicator then extracts the data in question from the source disc and copies it into the blank CDs on the trays fed in the duplicator. Upon completion, the duplicator verifies the data and then ejects the trays with the CDs.

Most of the CD duplication services are done with Blu-Ray technology. This is an optical technology that allows high quality large volumes duplication. This technology is precise and tightly packs data hence proper space utilization.

Advantages of cd duplication

Cd duplication services enable mass production of similar data from one master disc

Allows instant access to information by people, this is good for time management especially if it is in a workplace.

It is cheaper to acquire duplicate copy than to buy original one hence consumers end up spending less in acquiring information.

With blu-ray optical technology, high quality data is processed, and space is fully utilized.

Disadvantages of cd duplication

The main shortcoming of CD duplicating services is that  while it lowers the cost for the consumers, it does so at  the expense of the supplier of the original master cd, for example movies where movie actors and distributing agencies end up incurring losses. Simply because online cd duplication services produce copies that flood the market.

Duplicators can also be expensive to buy and maintain especially in a low-class economy.