Casino Table Hire for Popular Casino Games

If you want something fast and dynamic in casino table hire games, craps is the game for you. There is a pair of dice handled by one member of the team (referred to a shooter) and wagers are placed before the shooter plays the dice. The dice is passed on to another shooter after the first shooter retires or 7 outs.

Grand old Baccarat 

Traditionally the czar of all casino games baccarat is actually pronounced as “ba-ca-rah”. There are eight decks of cards and each participant plays a bet on the player or the bank. Both the cards are dealt to individuals and the totals added up. Face cards have zero value like ten cards. The hand which gathers closest to 9 wins.

Poker, Pai Gow style 

This variation has come up with the fusion of the American poker game  and the Chinese game Pai Gow. The full deck of 52 cards with one extra joker is used for the game. Two separate hands are played and all usual rules of poker are applied.


There are different colour combinations which can be created and various bets are put on these number combinations. The ball comes to set on a particular set of numbers and the dealer marks the winning combination.

If you’re expecting 100-150 guests, you’ll need 3 to 6 Blackjack tables (50 guests to a table), and just 1 table for Roulette or Craps. You’d just need to let your supplier know about your casino party requirements at least two to three weeks in advance and feel relieved.

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