Buying Digital Televisions

HD ready TV is not the same as HDTV though they certainly sound very similar. HD Ready television doesn’t have to take inputs in digital technology but it’s capable of outputting signals which are comparable to high definition TV. Mostly HD Ready TVs have only an analog tuner with them and not an integrated tuner that is found in HDTV.

The salesman in the shop may try to convince you that HD Ready equals to HDTV but don’t be fooled. It’s not worth upgrading your analogue television for HD Ready as it’s not true blue digital Television.

Stand alone or fully integrated

If you have a limited budget then it’s recommended that you buy an integrated television system as it will come out to be more cost effective than buying individual items. The cabling is also less complicated in fully integrated sets though up gradation is difficult. If you buy a stand-alone set now you can buy the digital TV speakers and DVD player later. You will be able to buy high quality components that guarantee a better TV experience.

Watching TV or gaming

If your purpose of buying a TV is to play lots of games and you plan on hooking in your console frequently then you should look for a digital TV set that has video ports which are located in front of the TV panel.