Buying Designer Engagement Rings

Most men end up buying a too big or a too small ring for their fiancées and this is hugely embarrassing for the girl especially if she finds that she cannot fit the ring into her finger. If you are planning to surprise her with a designer engagement rings then steal one of her old rings from her jewellery stock. Show the ring to the jewellery designer you plan to buy the engagement ring from. This way the size issue is solved and you will never have to worry about the perfect fit anymore.

Trendy vs. Classic

To choose the perfect designer ring for your girlfriend you have to first know what type of person she is. Is she someone who prefers the classic simple look or is she in love with antique vintage? Is she a trend follower or fashionable? Yellow gold rings in the Victorian style are the latest trend though they are mighty difficult to procure if you do not book it in advance. One month before you buy the engagement ring start researching on her style, her taste in jewellery and the kind of look she prefers. This way when you finally go to choose a ring for your future better half you can stun her by demonstrating how well you know her choice.

Clarity is the measure of absence of defects in the diamond. Minute cracks or structural issues in diamonds are known as inclusions. Clarity of a diamond is dependent on the size, colour, orientation, position and the relative visibility of each inclusion. Obviously a diamond with less number of inclusions will be considered more perfect.

Do you need an elegant jewellery but affordable one?