Buying and Choosing AC Motors

Most specifications pertaining to electric motors are printed or engraved on plaques which are then attached to the body of the motor. Some things which should absolutely be mentioned on the specifications of the AC motor are the class of the motor, the division, the work group and the protection type of the intellectual property which applies to it. The temperature class should be mentioned too and remember that he temperature class is not the same thing as the operative temperature. The start type should be mentioned like whether it is DOL (Direct on line) or VFD (Variable frequency drive).

All about temperature class

The maximum artificial temperature of the electric motor which is still short of the ignition temperature is called the temperature the ignition temperature is defined as the lowest temperature where the inflammable substance in the environment of the motor catches fire. The ignition point of each motor is determined in a laboratory and once determined it’s mentioned amongst the manufacturers’ specifications accompanying the electric motor.

Inspect the torque limiters

The torque limiter is one of the most important parts of the A C motor and it actually acts as an overload protection device. The torque limiters are used in combination with sprockets, belt driven pulleys, tooth pulleys etc. The purpose of inspecting the torque builder is to see how good the operating security is.

Check the voltage and amperage

There will be a data plate attached on the motor which has a voltage figure written on it. Remember that you can work the motor within 10% of the specified voltage. You need to know whether the motor you are purchasing has a compatible voltage range.

The amperage is defined by the amount of current the motor draws when the motor is fully loaded up to the required horsepower. Trying to operate the motor at a higher FLA (Fully loaded amperage) will overload the motor. In his case it’s better to buy a motor which is compatible with high horse power.

Check the efficiency and power factor

Buy Electric Motors in Brisbane that does have its efficiency written on it. Higher efficiency motors have significantly more metal in the construction and most of that metal is insulated to reduce the effect of eddy currents. Higher efficiency is always desirable and this means that your motor will be able to work faster and better. The power factor is always expressed as a decimal figure below 1. The normal power factor ranges from 0.7 to 0.9 and the higher the power factor the better the electric motor performance.