Business and Trade shows

Business and Trade Show Exhibitions is a ground wherein companies take opportunity to promote their products and services.

More than promoting products,  many companies participate in trade shows to set their presence in the business industry; it’s a way for them to target the market, increase sales, make business contacts and met possible suppliers. But no matter how great this marketing venue is, if you are did not properly plan for it, you won’t be able to gain the benefits it offers.

There are many events all year round, but finding the right event for your business is the first step you need to do when planning to join a trade show. You don’t join just any trade shows. You would need to research on who attends the event? Does it target the market you need for your business? How many people attend in the said trade exhibit? It would also be wise to know other participants who joined the trade events for the past the years, you may get these information from the organizers.

Key factor to think about

Other key factors to consider when joining business and trade show exhibits is the venue of the event, the schedule, cost or expenses, and the reputation of event organizer.  When all these factors are addressed, then joining the event will be beneficial for you.

Once you have chosen the trade event to join, check with the organizer for the booth/space location available, you would want a high traffic location to market your products (and therefor you should look into trade show exhibition stands Australia). Make sure that the organizer will be providing electrical outlets that you might need for your lighting during the trade show.  Once you confirmed all these, the next step will be preparing your marketing tools.  One important marketing tool is how you would design your booth, this must be well planned. If your product is all about bathrooms, Your booth should make the statement for you and your product; it could be custom-designed booth, or banners, graphics, good lighting and other accessories. Your booth must catch the attention you want. Don’t forget to print out brochures, product sheets and business cards that you can give out during the event. Train your staff, brochures and product sheets can’t market your product alone, your staff will play the major marketing role during the event. It is important that the person who will man the booth have the knowledge to answer inquires about the product and services you have to offer. Lastly, have a guest book or list of attendees you have in your booth, that way you can make follow-up on possible leads you have. After the trade shows, you can expect a grow of traffic in your store, and you must be consistent in impressing your clients. make sure your store will be noticed and immediately found with effective signage.

When these plans are executed properly then you would see how successful and beneficial it is to join trade shows do not forget also that the show needs to be cleaned and the area should be looked after. Using skip bins should solve that problems as they are pretty handy, the bins are big enough and that needs to be done is empty the small bins into the big skip one.

Promotional products are great marketing tool when joining a trade show. Don’t forget to use light boxes also for the event!