Things to Never Throw in order to Prevent Blocked Drains at Home

If you ever want to feel safe when it comes to your bathroom and kitchen sink, bathtub, shower area, and even in the garage if you happen to do laundry there, then you should learn this. Take note that there are some things that you might want to avoid whenever you’re using those drains at home. These are some liquids and solids that are really obvious in causing blocked drains, while some are unexpected in some way.

If you finish this article, for sure you will really avoid putting those at the sink, and just throw them away at the garbage bin. Here are the things that you should avoid throwing at the drain:


Make sure that you avoid this to happen. As much as possible, make sure that you don’t let long or multiple pieces of hair get down the drain. These tend to stick on the pipeline and can cause blockage if there are too many hairs down the drain. Make sure that you hook these out if needed be, and make sure that you throw hair on the garbage can the next time you shave/cut your hair.


Oil is usually dumped down the drain after cooking, and this is one of the common mistakes that people do whenever they clean their dishes. Oil is known to turn into a semi-solid state when dried up and when at very cold temperatures such as drainages. This can get stuck, and can cause serious blockages in the pipelines. Be sure to use hot water on this in order to resolve the issue, or a stronger solution.


These might get wet if you put water on it. However, the force of the water is not enough to tear these into pieces. If the drainage is small, and you managed to put a chunk of wet tissue in it, there is a chance where it can get stuck and can slow down the draining process. Be sure to remove this immediately, nad try to dispose of tissues and paper on the garbage can.


If you have a cold or a nasty cough, there are times where we just spit down the drain in order to get rid of it. However, there are some sinks where the drainage is too little, and there are instances where our phlegm gets too big and chunky. This can block the drainage especially if you have excessive amounts of it on your throat. Be sure to spit on the garbage can or at the toilet if you find your drainage to be small.

With these to avoid, for sure you will have an easier way in preventing blocked drains for the sake of a cleaner home, and a cleaner room as well!

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