Benefits of Pre-purchase Building Inspection

Purchasing your own property is not cheap these days. You have to shell out a substantial part of your life’s savings or go for costly mortgages. It will be a hard blow on you if you have to spend additionally on repairing or renovating a house that seems perfectly good from the outside.

You may consider suing the seller for misinterpretation, though that would be anther lengthy and costly legal battle for you. Safeguard yourself against such disappointments and hassles by appointing a pre-purchase property inspector to go through the property before you buy it.

What does a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Include

A report on the state of the building prior to its purchase is your best bet for knowing the exact condition of the property and deciding on the price you should quote. Do not get swayed merely by opinions of real estate agents; go for your own building inspection to understand the true picture.

Pest and building inspection includes a thorough checking of both the external and internal structure of the property and the adjoining grounds. It will also include a report on the pest situation (if you so want) and an estimate of the expenditure to carry out relevant repairs and renovation.

Comprehensive building inspection report will have details on condition of the exposed parts (roofs, walls, fences etc), drainage system, walls and basement, chimney, garage, electrical system, swimming pool, air conditioning, gas fitting, condition of kitchen installations, fire safety measures, general condition of all the rooms, geotechnical data, pest infestation, local council plan and much more. It is vital to understand the report thoroughly as the inspectors are trained to specifically seek out existing damages in properties, analyse the extent and advise you on how best to undertake repairs.

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