Baking with controlled air

Purchasing baking oven for a bakery and/or bakery oven to pastry shop is an important step.

Great number of businesses compromise for the quality of the commercial bakery oven following low price that doesn’t follow criteria.

Controlling the amount of air flowing at the baking ovens is the point spoken the most these days.

Bits of physics,

It is clear to us all (even those whom aren’t in the hospitality industry) that the amount of air circling and passing above the baked product there is an immediate effect on the baking result.

The physical background for the above reason is easy to understand. Above all it is know that two parameters responsible for transferring energy from the air to the product. The air temperature and to more accurate the difference in between the air temperature and the product temperature. the second parameter is the amount (not the speed) of the air spinning above the product.

Both parameters set each other. In high air temperature it is possible to reduce the amount of air to pas the same amount of energy to the product. and vies versa, if more air spinning therefor lower temperature is required and still possible to transfer the same amount of energy to the product.