Alternative Termite Treatments Safer than Fumigation


There are many types of termite treatments, but fumigation has been commonly used for many years. In this process, the infested structure is enclosed in a tent where the chemicals are released. The air is let out only after 24 hours. Because of its potential harm, numerous people have asked that termite treatments like this be banned.

The alternative termite treatments used by many people in place of fumigation includes heat, cold, microwaves, and electrical guns. These termite treatments offer a lot of benefits. They are also a lot safer to humans than fumigation and chemical termite treatments.


Termites create a home that can protect them from extremely hot or cold temperatures. Exposing the termite infested wood in temperatures above the temperature level in which they can survive is an effective way to kill these pests. Air is heated using propane burners and then blown into the termite infested structure. Termite treatments like this should be maintained for not less than half an hour in order to be effective.





Termite control experts uses liquid nitrogen to chill the surrounding area of an infested structure. Termite treatments that use heat and cold can only be effective if the termite detection method is accurate. It is therefore necessary that this method is done by professionals that are duly licensed by the government. Although it has no known adverse effects to human, cold termite treatments may damage water pipes if not done properly.


Microwaves can heat the termites inside the wood faster than the wood itself. Exposing the infested part for 10 minutes may already be lethal to the termites. Microwave termite treatments require around 700 to 2000 watts depending on the accessibility and thickness of the infested wood. Residents are evacuated during the process, but house plants do not need to be removed.

Electrical guns

Termite treatments using electrical guns have been used for several years. It is the best spot treatment for termite infestations. It is not harmful to human beings as the currents can only sweep the skin, therefore no electrocution happens. The low amperage also eliminates the risk of fire.

These termite treatment Brisbane are relatively safer than termite control methods using chemicals. As with other methods, they should be done by a professional who has complete knowledge of these methods.