Air Conditioning Installation Services

Most companies will provide yearly contracts that attract minimal retainer ship fees. It is always better to hire these companies and pay the fees because during an emergency you are assured of good quality service within a short period of time.

Are your technicians qualified?

While installing an air conditioner may not be rocket science, it still requires a certain amount of training and skill. It is always safer to hire professional air conditioning installation Brisbane that has trained technicians. Always ask a prospective agency if their personnel are trained and if so how many years of experience they have in the field of air conditioning installation.

This will reduce the chance of any errors during the final installation. Furthermore, trained technicians will always be able to give you advice on air conditioning maintenance too.

Window Unit or Split System

Since the compressor and the condenser are housed outside in a split AC, the noise is kept out as well. Older versions were noisier but the newer ones tend to be relatively quieter as the compressor is fit inside the armature. Split ACs evolved as a result of innovations in the refrigerant industry. Windows ACs were a noisy lot but later day editions are more sophisticated.

Split or ductless ACs has greater aesthetic appeal than window modules. But the window models with digital displays and control panels look quite appealing.

Contrary to popular belief, both window and split systems consume the same quantity of electricity for cooling a specified area.

A split air conditioning installation needs a higher degree of maintenance and servicing the same is more problematic as the composites are housed in two distinct chambers.

A split AC can cool up very large areas rapidly. Windows ACs are ideal for chilling spaces not more than 350 sq. Ft in area.

Price and installation costs of split models are more than window ACs.

So if money and space is not a limitation, then go for a split version and if you’re on a budget with space limitations, settle for a window model.