Advantages of Training Videos

Training videos have become prevalent in the business world.  The training video production being created these days are of high quality and an efficient use of company resources. Over the years video cameras have developed so fast that they can be used to record high quality videos and they are not as expensive as they used to be. This makes recording videos far much easier and a way for the company to save money by not hiring a professional video camera and editing crew. There are several benefits of recording training videos for the business. Here are the benefits of recording a video:


Time saving

With recording training videos there is a lot of time that is saved. In the past when you would like to educate your clients, partners and employees about a new service or product you would have to gather them all together or separately and explain to them the purpose of your product or service. Since you could be having many employees and clients that would mean multiple meetings just to talk about things that you have already said to the previous group. By recording training videos you are able to make one presentation and send it to all relevant parties and they will all be educated by it.
It is usually a problem coming up with the right schedule for all the parties to be present in a meeting. You have to go through hoops looking for the most available time that is convenient for all the people involved. In the end this leads to meetings being held to far apart and too frequently as you will be forced to bunch the parties into groups. With videos you don’t have to worry about this as the relevant parties will be able to watch them at their convenient time.

Explain more

With training videos you can get more across than with training manuals and books. Especially when you are dealing with tangible products you can show your audience exactly how they work. With the videos you can have live presentations of the products explaining through a step by step method to do a particular task. The audience will be able to understand the process more quickly as they can visualize what you are talking about and if they have not understood an issue they can simply rewind and get up to speed.


Using training videos to educate a group of people is very effective. This is because the videos use two senses from the audience. They use their eyes and ears to watch and listen to the video. This makes the material more engaging and much easier to remember. There are studies done in some universities that state that a person is 80% far more likely to remember a video training than to read a book or manual. With this study then making videos saves more time and money for the audience to get what is being talked about. This is mainly due to the retention is longer and understanding is done much quicker than with other materials.