Advantages of Security Screen Doors

Security screen doors add to the safety of your home and also act as a shield for your primary door. This ultimately reduces the overall maintenance costs. A storm door that has a stainless steel frame will offer stiff resistance to burglars and house breakers. It will also protect the main door from acts of vandalism. If the glass panels in your main door get broken or shattered for any reason, the storm door will prevent the glass shards from falling off to the ground.


Adding a security screen door to your main entrance door that is quite old will work out cheaper than going in for a replacement on all counts be it for additional security, energy savings or aesthetic appeal.

Enhanced appeal

These days most homes are built keeping the latest designing aspects in mind. Therefore it does not need to be overemphasized that the main entrance door and other doors that serve as access points are also modelled that add to the overall setting. Adding a storm door can make your existing doors appear more attractive.

Better natural ventilation

Space is at a premium in most newly built homes, rather flats and condominiums. That in essence means windows are much smaller than they used to be. It can get intolerably hot during the summer season especially in areas and regions with a tropical or continental climate. Having small windows won’t let in enough fresh air and allow proper circulation.

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