Advantages of Granite Benchtops

Benchtops are not only used in kitchens but also in other areas of a house or workplace such as a bathrooms or laundry rooms. There are plenty of benchtop materials to choose from and one of the most popular choices is granite. Granite has a lot of uses but is mostly applied in architectural and engineering designs and applications, one great example of which is granite benchtops.

Home designers often employ the use of granite benchtops for several reasons. One of which is for the aesthetic beauty. Granite, regardless if it is in its raw or machine processed form, will always look like a natural mosaic as granite is composed of several minerals including, but not limited to, mica, feldspar and quartz. Granite comes in a diverse range of eye-catching colors and patterns which is why it is valued for its appearance. When paired with the right color of paint for the bottom part of the benchtops, the granite only enhances the exquisiteness of the furniture. This makes it easier for home or business owners to beautify their homes or establishments as granite benchtops are not only lovely to the eyes but it serves a purpose as well.


Another reason why granite is highly prized is for its unbelievable toughness. Granite benchtops won’t easily give way; in fact, it is so sturdy, that only a few known materials can damage granite, namely the toughest piece of steel and diamond. This reason alone is proof that granite is not susceptible to scratches and scrapes. Granite is also capable of resisting heat as well as acids which makes it perfect for kitchen use. The only damage acid can do on granite benchtops is dull its perfectly shiny appearance.

If cleanliness is an issue for clients and it is placed at the topmost priority, then benchtops topped with granite are perfect for them. It is known through a study and experiment that bacteria can hardly exist on granite countertops. This study, conducted on March of 1999 by Peter Snyder, Jr. PhD, was performed by contaminating six difference surfaces including granite, with E. Coli. The surfaces were then cleaned up using soap, water and finished with a vinegar solution. The result was that granite had the very least number of surviving E. Coli strains, followed by stainless steel. The study concluded that granite hardly harbors and does not accumulate bacteria. Also, granite is very easy to clean so cleaning and sanitizing won’t be a problem at all.

When buying kitchen equipment, always consider granite benchtops Perth for all the benefits it provides you and more.