A Guide to Work Injury Damage Claims

Work injury Damage is the term used to describe a sum of money that is to be awarded by a Court to an employee to compensate for injury or loss suffered that result in loss of earnings or wages.

When can you claim damages?

If you have been injured during working hours or on your way to work or from work, you will be entitled to claim damages. You can also claim damages when you have been injured during a break, or if on a business trip. The sum of your claim can include weekly compensation payments and medical expenses.

The court must agree that the injury is to the extent of 15% whole person impairment. This means that the injury has negatively affected 15% of your whole person. If your case is proven, you can claim work injury damage with the help of  the best personal injury lawyers Brisbane.

You will also need to prove that your injury has been caused due to the negligence of your employer. Some examples of negligence are using faulty machinery, not supplying employee with protective clothing, not providing proper supervision, not putting employees through training sessions etc. You may provide evidence of the negligence through photographs or witness accounts.

Court proceedings can start six months after your complaint has been lodged with your employer, but no more than three years after the date on which you sustained the injury.

Engaging an experienced personal injury lawyer will go a long way in helping you to salvage expenses for an injury which may not be job related.