A Guide to Security Screen Doors

Security screen doors allow you to keep your home properly ventilated and let the sunlight in when you’re indoors or in your garden. Security screen door has wire meshes or grilles serve as a buffer by preventing someone from quietly tiptoeing into your home through the main door while you’re not looking. But a screen door that has not been installed properly can be easily broken into.

So you’ll need to use the perfect equipment and fix it up properly. A security door should have a robust grille with a dense lattice, a strong lock, and solid hinges. Consider the following aspects before buying door and window screens.

The type and size of your screen that will suit your main door or windows should be your top priorities. There are many security screen doors that can replace the glass panels in your main door or windows.

You can choose from grille screens, stainless steel mesh, and aluminium mesh. You can ask a service provider to send a professional over to your home to make a thorough inspection and suggest you for the right type of security screen that will fit in with your door.

Going for a full-length glass panels is ideally suited for complete visibility and light infiltration through security screen doors. A screen door that has a strong panel towards the lower end helps you to monitor ventilation in a much better manner as you’re able to open or shut each section separately.