A Guide to Reach in Refrigerators

Commercial refrigeration equipment like reach-in fridges and freezers are used in a big way in restaurants, base kitchens of food catering services, convenience stores, delis, florist shops, bakeries, and confectionaries. Commercial reach-in refrigeration units are usually used in bistros for storing food items on a short term basis whereas big ones, better known as walk-ins, are installed in large abattoirs and warehouses for storing in bulk on a long term basis.

Reach in refrigeration types

There are many types of commercial refrigeration unit that are in use across a wide number of verticals in the Food & Beverage business and food processing and catering segments. You’ll come across beverage dispensers, glass door dispensers, bakery and deli cases, ice-cream machines, undercounter refrigerators, worktop refrigerators, ice merchandisers and chest freezers, and so on. Each type is available in different models as well as in different shapes and sizes.

So you have small and compact undercounter reach-in refrigerators, solid door, glass door, and mixed door refrigerators. Solid door reach-in commercial refrigeration units have bodies made of either aluminium or stainless steel. Maintenance is comparatively easier compared to glass door models. These are best suited for heavy duty kitchens. Glass door refrigerated reach-ins, as the name implies, allows you to see the items kept inside and you’ll see them in bakery shops, in takeaway outlets and delis.

Then there are mixed door refrigerators available in single, double and three sections. These usually have two half doors on one section and a full door on the other or two full doors one on each section.

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