A Guide to Pool Fence Safety

Many homeowners yearn for a house with a swimming pool in the backyard, but often these pools turn into the unfortunate site of tragic accidents that claim the lives of kids or pets. Even having safety fences all around the pool cannot avert these accidental drowning incidents as kids can climb over these fences or enter the pool area through an unlocked pool door. If you have kids under five years of age as well as pets in a house with a pool, you need to follow a few guidelines set down by authorities specialising in frameless pool fencing Gold Coast.

If the pool fence gate operates manually, lock this door at all times and attach an alarm to it that will go off if the door is left open accidentally. The pool fence should create a barrier all around the pool including a barrier against windows, doors and other small openings through which a small child can crawl through and reach the pool area.

Special Advice

Glass pool fences, especially the frameless ones, may look ultramodern and chic and make your backyard appear like a trendy hotel poolside, but glass pool fences also lead to a number of accidents involving running kids as they are see through.

If you still insist on glass pool fences for their inviting look, go for durable and toughened glass that won’t shatter into pieces if a child runs into it. Lastly, pool safety inspectors authorities also recommend proper supervision of kids at all times when they play in the pool