A Guide to Placing Skip Bins

Skip bins cannot be placed at any location of your choice without necessary permits being obtained from the government. A skip bin hire which is registered with the Council will be able to arrange the permit or you, which will be a great help. You will be required to fill up and submit certain forms for obtaining the permit for placing a skip bin.

Requirement for permit

You need a permit if you wish to place a skip bin on the road, pavement or any other area under the jurisdiction of the Council. You need to apply for a development application if you wish to place a shipping container on your private property. However, if applying or permission to place a skip bin on a major road, you might need additional approval from other authorities like Department of Infrastructure and Energy Resources as well.

Required Permits

You might not require a permit if the services of the skip bin hire is for a period of seven days or less. For longer period of time you need to fill an application form giving complete details of where you want to place the bin and for what period. The form also contains a declaration which you must sign, thereby, certifying that the information provided is correct and complete.

You must also provide details if the bin is to be placed on the roadway which blocks a path.

What to do if you find asbestos in your home?

If you think that you have asbestos in your home, do not panic. Don’t touch the material with your hand or any sharp object. Look out for signs of damage, abrasions and cracks. Hitting, rubbing or trying to pull out the material is a strict no-no.

Call up asbestos removal services and have the area inspected. Till then limit access to that particular area. If the asbestos is in a good condition, the removal guys will not disturb it. If not, they have the sufficient skills and experience to remove and dispose of it. Either ways, your home stays safe and secure.