5 Ways to Dress Up a Wall

A room’s overall look and feel is greatly affected by the color and design of the walls. Painters and decorators can create walls that are grand or minimalist depending on the customer’s preferences. These days, walls can have interesting features thanks to talented painters and decorators who make this possible. Here are some examples:

1. Wall Decal

Whether you are redecorating your home or you just want to add personality to an otherwise boring room, you can ask painters and decorators to help you with wall decals. Walls decals come in different designs so you can choose something that goes well with your current room décor.

2. Paint Chip Wall Art

There’s something you can do to minimize waste after remodeling your home. You can ask the help of painters and decorators to create a modern wall art with all the paint swatches that are left in your hand. It is an interesting project that is both eco-friendly and pleasing to the eyes.

3. 3D Wall Tiles

Add some extraordinary feature that can transform your wall from lifeless to full of depth. 3D wall panels come in different types of materials, but the best choice will be ceramic. This material is easy to clean and resistant to wear and tear. It is necessary though, that you consult painters and decorators to make sure that the design goes well a

4. Wooden Wall Décor

Wooden wall decors are perfect if you have a shabby chic or rustic theme going on in your home. Put an end to boring walls that are sometimes the problem with rustic rooms. Suggest to your painters and decorators to set aside the scrap wood then use them to create your own take on typography wall art.

5. Picture Wall

Fill an empty wall with a collection of pictures and artworks that mean something to you. You can either arrange them in a calculated method or create a perfect mess by filing them haphazardly.

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