Tequila Grill Restaurant

Tequila Grill Restaurant is a Mexican restaurant where we can taste authentic Mexican kitchen cuisine. In Tequila Grill Restaurant you will find great variety of mainly Mexican flavours but also dishes and flavours from america with a touch of tex-mex.

In the menu of Tequila Grill Restaurant you can find the whole ingredients that assemble the mexican kitchen cuisines. Tortillas, guacamole, beens, salsas in variety of tastes and mexican cooking sauces such as chipotla, mula Jalapenos and Havanero.

In the restaurant in Brisbane you could find authentic Mexican food and variety of fahitas, bonitos, enchiladas, cassadias and tacos dishes side to burgers and kids meals. Additionally to the special menu in Tequila Grill Restaurant in Brisbane it is possible to taste the margaritas developed specifically for the restaurant, in variety of flavours and fresh fruits. In the restaurant in Brisbane located on Adelaide St. you could also sit on the bar and order tequila from the variety or special Negro Modelo beer. The venue can host for you special occasions and other parties.